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Nov. 11th, 2010 06:39 pm
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So. I was talking with [ profile] lunatics_word via AIM and she was enabling me. And by enabling I mean: showing me all those photos of adorable kittens. So it's her fault. At least it's not mine this time, right?

There's Brad. And there's The Cat. There's also Nate, but of course there's Nate.


"Go harass Fick, would you? I'm hungry and he's been working for hours."

The Cat looks unconvinced.

"You would get your food while we're eating, too," Brad says.

Sold, apparently. The Cat leaves to find Nate.

After a minute, Brad goes after The Cat to see if he's indeed a cat whisperer or some shit.

"Your cat is very innapropriate," Nate says, smiling, lifting his head to look at him.

Brad can see that. The Cat is not hanging from the screen of Nate's laptop, instead he chose to sneak beneath it to emerge between Nate's legs in small space left from the laptop sitting on Nate's thighs. His head is directly in front of Nate's crotch.

"I told him to go and get you, because I'm hungry," Brad explains, coming closer. "I bribed him with a promise of food."

Nate scratches The Cat's ear.

"Maybe he heard 'horny', not 'hungry'."

"Well, he wouldn't be *that* wrong," Brad says, taking away Nate's laptop and putting The Cat on the floor, before settling in between Nate's legs.

"In front of the kid, dear?" Nate smile grows and he spreads his legs.

Brad bites his hipbone.

"He can cover his eyes."


Brad wakes with the feeling of being observed. Without opening his eyes, he murmurs:

"Stop perving on me while I'm sleeping, Fick. You could blow me, not look at me, you know. That I'd understand."

Silence. He opens one eye. There's no Nate, but on his part of the bed The Cat is sitting and looking at Brad, seemingly without blinking at all.

"Why are you here?" Brad opens the other eye.


"Where's Nate?"

The Cat's left ear twitches, but that's all.

"Are you hungry?"

The Cat stands up, looks back in the direction of the kitchen then back at him.

"Just so you know, I hate your guts," Brad says, getting up.


Brad moves The Cat's little paws from his laptop's keyboard.

"Go walk over Nate's Mac. That's something that was made to be walked on. Or worse, but I wouldn't advise you to do any of those other things."


They stand in the doorway of their guest room.

"Do you think he wants to tell us something?" Nate asks quietly, not wanting to wake up his niece. And The Cat, probably.

"That he's tired of Emily?" Brad doesn't blame him. He loves her, but little kids are more tiring than basic training.

"No. That he wants a sibling." Nate unsuccessfully tries not to smile. Brad elbows him lightly.


Brad walks in and sees Nate lying on his stomach on the floor, in the middle of a staring contest with The Cat.


"He helps me think," Nate says, without moving.


"World's peace?" Nate deadpans. "I need to write this paper and I need to concentrate."

Brad goes to the kitchen and doesn't say that if Nate finds a solution for that problem, he should probably mention The Cat in his Nobel acceptance speech. It'd be only fair.

All of the photos come from we heart it.
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