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My letter to the Secret Santa ended up being quite long. Sorry?

Dear Santa,

I want you to know that I already love my gift. I have a special place in my closet heart for hand-made (in this case, hand-typed, I guess) presents and yours will, by definition, meet the criteria. So don’t worry!

If you want to know something more, here it is: I'm crazy in love with Brad/Nate and even more crazy in love with the one and only Nate Fick. Everything is Nate and nothing hurts etc, etc. The same goes for Brad/Nate.
But if you don't share my love for either Nate or my otp, I find both Brad and Mike interesting and fascinating and would love to read more about one (or both) of them. You can also add almost everyone you like from the series. It's a pretty safe bet I like them, too. Or you can write about only one of those guys mentioned, and it'll be great as well.

I'm not really narrowing it down, aren't I? ;)

What else… Okay, here's the most important thing: if you’re going to write Brad/Nate story, please, please, give them a happy ending. It doesn’t have to be a house, a puppy, a kid and a hell of a lot awesome sex (but all of that would be more than fine, trust me). If it’s them, together for good, whole and loving each other? I call it a happy ending and make happy noises.

Other things I love: AU stories of all kinds (it can be almost anything, but I have the biggest soft spot for college au, high school au, lawyer au or superheroes au), canon stories, future fics, thinky thoughts about OIF and military life, getting a life back after a tour, domesticity, kidfics, established relationships, getting-together stories, awesome friendships and family relationships (with mothers and sisters, especially), sex with feelings, small things that show intimacy, being a BAMF and/or very competent, smart person… The list goes on. And on. I’m really easy to please.

As for the things to avoid, I’d really appreciate if there was no death of any of the guys and no unhappy ending when you’re writing Brad/Nate (my heart can’t take it, seriously). Other than that, have at it. Go with whatever you want to write and it will be great. It’s already met my basic criteria for being a wonderful gift, remember?

I want you to have fun, writing this story. :D

Thank you for doing this!



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